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It is a high-quality machine with the latest operating interface voet with a large twenty-four inch touch display, said Application Engineer Tatyana uzunova from makino when praising the choice of machine. The main difference interval compared to the old machine is the possibility to cut higher components. The existing one has ab axial lift of Z 260 mm, whereas the new one has 420.

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A new wire-cutting machine worth four million czech Crowns will contribute to increasing production capacities. The machine was partially acquired as part of a grant within an extension of the technological development Centre project in motor jikov slévárna. Increasing production capacity has not been possible with enceinte our makino eu64 due it its limited capacity. Three companies took part in the tender and testing process, where the penta company offered a fanuc Robocut C 600iů machine, the gf company offered a cut 300Sp and makino offered a. We chose the machine from the makino company after evaluating the tests and comparing its price to power, said jiří boček, the Production Manager of the tooling division. The company delivered the cutting machine in April and trained the operators. A trial run is underway at the moment with a gradual start-up of the production. We use the wire cutting machine to cut precise holes in shape inserts, shape cores, shape stampers and trimming machine matrices. We will use the new machine primarily surgery to cut holes in shape inserts of moulds and to cut shape matrices, stampers and smaller components using the old wire cutting machine, jiří boček added.

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The progress of my upload says 'file metadata xml invalid. Waiting for user to correct.' how can I fix this? This is typically caused by illegal symbols being used somewhere in the information that was put into one of the forms submitted with the show (either the import form or "File Options. Double check that the only characters used are those visible on a standard English-language 104 key keyboard. More information and a few examples are here. If you have trouble finding the cause, please post to the forum for help. An admin will have to resubmit the recording for another try, so please send an email including a link to the recording to etree at archive dot org if you believe you have cleared the issue. More information on what xml files are and how they are created can be read here.

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Please do not attempt to create your own collection, or to upload any of the band's shows, in advance of receiving an emailed confirmation message from curators; such attempts may significantly complicate or delay the curators' setup process. You can give as much or as little scope for archiving as you like. Some bands place limits on what can be hosted, and we can accommodate those. Archive curators, volunteer fans who have proven to be in line with the spirit of this archive, will attempt to screen contributions for ok'ed material only. At the same time you give the go-ahead, feel free to pass along any notes or policy links on your general taping/trading stance as well. You don't need to have a formal written or posted policy before inclusion, but we'd like to know how you feel about the topic.

Besides fans sending their copies of your shows, you can also prepare and upload your own live recordings to the Archive, if you like. In fact, if you'd like to limit your material to selected contributions from you only, please just let us know. If you have any questions about the project, please ask us anytime at etree at archive dot org. I have a different source for a show that is already in the archive, should i upload it anyway? In keeping with the nature of this Archive, it is appropriate for multiple sources of the same show to be available for download. When you upload the new source, be sure to name the source in the show's top level folder to avoid confusion. Some bands do place limits on the types of sources allowed (such as soundboard recordings so please check the policy for any given band.

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Should I submit an error report? There has been an increasing number of shows uploaded to the live music collection without set list information, or the set list was not properly matched to the files. When you notice a recording like this, please email us (etree at this domain) only if you have an updated set list, or you are able to match the files up correctly. We would prefer that you do not submit error reports letting us know that there is no set list - tracking down set lists for every concert and matching them up to the recordings is a monumental task that has grown beyond the capabilities. We would like fans that are familiar with each artist's material to help us with this project - in your email, please give us specific instructions on what changes to make and we will.

I'm an artist who would like to be included in the Archive, what do i need to do? We'd love to have you! Just write to us at etree at archive dot org in English giving some kind of permission for us to archive your shows for public download and noncommercial, royalty-free circulation. It does not need to be a formally worded declaration, and can come from anyone you feel has the "say-so." we just need to be clear on how you feel about the project. We will put relevant"s onto a new "collection" page ( examples ) for your performances, along with a link to your official website. It is necessary for you to email us at etree at archive dot org in order to create a new section. We want to be sure that the go-ahead really is coming from you.

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Should i upload checksum files like md5 or ftp? We no longer require nor desire checksum or fingerprint files. Often they cause problems when files are changed in the item. Systems have improved to the point where we no longer see checksums as necessary to verify accurate upload/download. Can i upload concert videos? At this time, video uploads are not being accepted, namely because most of the bands archived prohibit the video taping of their shows. Moreover, unlike audio, where we actually have a shot at archiving the vast majority of any given band's live concerts (in very high quality format video is scarce and, unless made by the artist (in which case, it's typically for commercial purposes is not. There's no set list for this show, or, The set list does not match up with the number of files.

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I prefer list view so i click the icon (the four stacked horizontal lines) all the way on the right side of the "sort by" bar. And, i check the "show details" box to show more information. Now i've got results for Del McCoury in the live music thuis Archive at now click the "date published" link in the "sort by" bar above the results. Now i've got them sorted by concert date from newest to oldest at to reverse the order click the Up/Down arrows just to the left of the words "sort by in the "sort by" bar. Now they concert dates are from oldest to newest at Why. Txt file is used by the lma collection to populate metadata in the item, especially the titles of tracks in the playlist. Please be sure it. Txt file and not another text format.

You should see the tree message "Format Options Updated Successfully". Within 10 minutes the system will create a nf" file in the recording's folder. Then, the next time the system performs an automatic sweep looking for changes, it will notice the new rules file and remove the lossy files automatically. The sweep occurs approximately twice a day, so you should see the files removed within 12-24 hours. If you are not the uploader, send us an email (etree at archive dot org) and an admin will remove them. How do i search for an artist by date of the concerts? As an example i'll search for Del McCoury: start at type "Del McCoury in the "Search this Collection" text field on the right side and hit return.

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Can i upload live recordings that were broadcast on xm radio or Sirius Satellite radio? At this point in time, archive. Org cannot host recordings that were broadcast over either of these services. Subscribers have informed us that they were required to sign a "Terms of Use" document that forbids the of any material received from these services. Until we hear otherwise, these recordings cannot be patterns hosted here. A recording i uploaded and marked 'no lossy formats' had them created (mp3, ogg, m3u, etc.). How can I remove them? If you come across this situation and you are the uploader, click edit, select the derivation option you prefer, and then 'Update'.

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